but the woman is the glory

What would you die for? They told me this, the christians. They said to picture it, prepare for it, because this is the test of your devotion. The strength of your faith rests on if you are willing to be a martyr. When the time comes, will you be willing to speak up, to say yes, I believe. Even if someone is holding a gun to your head, a knife to your throat, a bomb in his hand, will you say yes I believe, will you be willing to sacrifice your life for this god who will be ashamed of you if you fail, if you waver, if you falter, you know he will be so eternally ashamed of you, as he should be, because you are shameful, you have done something to be ashamed of, you were not strong enough, not willing enough to face death and die, and when the time comes, he will not vouch for you, will not support you and you will know that you have earned this scorn, you have earned this shame because you know deep in your core you are a sinner. You are unable to be faithful to that which you swore you would always be faithful. You are faithless, hopeless, helpless, because you refuse to be rescued, refuse to submit to the faith that says submit even unto death. And in the saving of your life, you lose another and what shall it profit a man, a woman, to gain the whole world, to gain her whole life if she loses her own soul, and who was it that said to you, are you really worth saving? Saving souls is the name of the game, you knew this when you joined, because you were so afraid, so desperate for salvation, you took it from wherever it appeared, even if it was in the form of a lie, and who are you to complain about the lie because god works all things together for good, because he is good and strong, and the strength of a woman lies in her ability to serve, to submit, to sacrifice, this is what you signed up for when you were born, you knew this, there are no take-backs, no refunds, no exchanges; you break it, you buy it, and you are broken, have been broken, so now you must buy this life, you must buy it and show it off, display for the world the glory of god that is woman subdued, for who, if he has a light, puts it under a bushel? So let your light shine before men, the light that is woman subdued, woman sacrificed, woman saved, woman gone, woman broken, woman buried, woman in a world not her own, woman of a man, not her own, because she was bought with a price, and the price is a life, and with a life on the line, the question for the woman is still the same as it always was; are you willing to die?